how did you colour it that way? it's pretty :)

we’re still talking about the icon, right? thank you! 

but mainly i just played around with things i think, that’s usually what i do with icons? i colored in the background with a normal pink and then i probably used a levels layer to make it paler and selective colors and/or a light pink fill layer at a low opacity to make the whole thing more pink so it matched the background. and probably a black&white layer on a soft blending mode at a low opacity too just to increase the contrast a little because i usually do that. but honestly i can’t really remember much else because i don’t really have a set pattern of things i do when i make icons. 

if you play around with those kinds of things you could probably make something similar, though if you want i could make some kind of proper tutorial on it but it would have to wait until sunday bc i’m about to go out which is why this most likely sounds really rushed but yeah i can do that if you want :) 

friendly reminder that you’re all adorable and i love you

"I really loved you in We’re the Millers, but In The Maze Runner, is there an opportunity for your character to French kiss his fake mother and sister?” [x]

This is a tumblr hug. Pass this to at least 10 of your favourite tumblr followers to show how much you love them as best buddies. Make sure you don’t break the chain. Happy tumblr hugs ~! (◕‿◕✿) (◕‿◕)

thank you! <3 


where did you get your icon? :)

I made it myself, though this is the original picture if you want it


Inspired by x

Dylan O’Brien and Ki Hong Lee with their stunt doubles on the set of The Maze Runner. 


Since the release of the new trailer, everyone’s been so excited about the release of the Maze Runner movie, so we thought it’d be fun to have our own appreciation week! Starting on August 17th, the week will include:

  • Day 1: Favourite Glader
  • Day 2: Favourite Relationship (whether it be romantic or platonic, otp, brotp, or ot3; anything you like)
  • Day 3: Favourite Moment/Scene
  • Day 4: Favourite Quote(s)
  • Day 5: Favourite Book
  • Day 6: the Glade or the Maze
  • Day 7: General Appreciation (why you like the series, what it means to you, etc)

You can do whatever you want, gifsets, picspams, graphics, or even just text posts; anything to show your appreciation for the Maze Runner series. Make sure to tag your posts with #TMRAW14 so everyone can see (and you can tag dailygladers for anything you want us to see!) If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


can you recommend me some only tmr blogs? :)

themazerunnerpt, mazerunnernews, themazerunnerdaily, dailygladers, newtscrank, minhotherunner, allthatklunk, captaingally plus she has a whole list of tmr only blogs here (though i’m not sure how updated it is) so i’m going to stop now bc there’s lots to choose from there. 

Get Ready To Run [x]